9 May 2020 LC new arrangements & Communications protocol

09th May 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please know that you and every student in the LC class of 2020 are very much in our thoughts.

We really appreciate your ongoing support and your patience in allowing us time to familiarise ourselves with the new arrangements.

All information that we have received to date, with regard to the new arrangements for Leaving Cert announced yesterday, has been communicated to you via vsware and to students via our online 6th year Team.

In order to protect the integrity of the new arrangements and in the best interests of all concerned, we have developed a communications protocol as follows:

‘All official updates will continue to be communicated to parents/guardians and students directly by school management.  

Queries regarding the new arrangements should be directed to either the Principal or Deputy Principal. Parents/Guardians can make contact via email and students can use email or Teams.

As advised by the DES and management bodies, please note that school management, teachers and support staff cannot engage in any contact/communication from student or parent/guardian to discuss, query or suggest any reference to subject percentages or rankings.’

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this regard.

Leaving Certificate students will have no further online instruction/classes. Students can use the remaining weeks of term to continue to study if they are choosing to take the Leaving Certificate examinations which will be organised at a future date yet to be confirmed.

However, please note that teachers will be available until the end of term via our remote learning platform (MS Teams) if students require support with subject material.

Please note that we do not want to discourage our students from communicating with teachers or management. Our student support structures including access to our Guidance Counsellor, remain available to students during this difficult time. We are conscious that students may require our support as their time in second-level has come to an unexpected and abrupt end without them having an opportunity to say goodbye to their friends and to teachers.

An online meeting with Leaving Cert students will be arranged for 12 noon this Monday for those who wish to attend. We don’t expect to have any further official clarification received by then but we feel it is important to provide them with an opportunity to regroup and to talk with us. A link to this meeting will be posted on SCS 6th year Team. Where possible, we ask that students submit any questions to us via Teams in advance of the meeting so that we can try and ensure that we are in a position to provide them with as much clarity as we can.

Although we cannot have a traditional graduation at this time, we are hoping to mark the end of your son/daughter’s second-level education with an online alternative. We will share details with you in due course.   

Please do not hesitate to contact either of us if you or your son/daughter need additional advice or support at this time.

Kindest regards,

Angela Murphy McNamara                       Angela Russell

Principal                                                  Deputy Principal

angela.mcnamara@lcetb.ie                       angela.russell@lcetb.ie