Assessment & Reporting arrangements for Junior Cycle 2020 - Scariff Community College

All Third Year students will finish the Junior Certificate programme on Friday, 29 May 2020 and there will be no examinations in September. 

In accordance with the announcement of the Minister of Education and Skills on Wednesday, 29 April 2020 and the DES guidelines on Assessment and Reporting on students’ learning at Junior Cycle May 2020, your child will receive:

  • Department of Education and Skills Certificate of Completion - Your child will receive an official Certificate of Completion of the Junior Cycle programme of study, issued by the Department of Education and Skills, early in the next school year.
  • Formal School Report - A whole-school approach will be undertaken to report on your child’s achievements. Teachers, in consultation with relevant subject departments and senior school management, will carefully analyse your child’s learning, development and the outcomes of assessments over the course of the Junior Cycle programme.

For the purposes of the formal school report, third year final grades will be weighted as follows:  

  • 90% for learning prior to 12th March - The assessment of learning prior to 12th March may be a combination of project work, class tests, grades from previous school reports, CBAs etc., as considered appropriate.
  • 10% for progress made and work completed since 12th March - The rationale for this decision is that the number of school days since 12th March represent approximately 10% of the students’ time in school for Junior Cycle.

It is important to note that each student’s engagement, participation and work submitted up until 29 May 2020, will be recorded and assessed to help inform the formal school report.

This period of Distance Learning continues to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the previous years’ in-school learning.

However, as a staff, we are cognisant of the disrupted learning that students have experienced in 2020. We are also mindful of individual student circumstances and the challenges relating to accessing and engaging with distance learning.   

We thank you for your patience while awaiting clarity on the JC contingency arrangements. We believe that the approach we are taking to Assessment and Reporting will acknowledge the strengths, abilities and achievements of each student and allow them to progress into Senior Cycle with enthusiasm and confidence.

Ms. Angela Murphy McNamara (Principal)        Ms. Angela Russell (Deputy Principal)