Book Rental Scheme

Under this scheme textbooks will be provided students.  Unfortunately there is no concession for Medical Card holders.  Payments will be as follows:

First Year: €100

Second Year: €60

Third Year: €60

Fifth Year: €120 (covers Sixth year also)

The success of the Book Rental Scheme depends on a number of factors:

  • Prompt payment of the rental fee
  • Good maintenance of books so that they can be redistributed for as long a period as possible (we suggest you organise a protective cover for each book)
  • Full return of books at the end of Junior and Leaving Cert each year - there will have to be a charge for books not returned or returned in unacceptable condition

You will understand that the co-ordination of this scheme involves an amount of administration time and your fullest co-operation will be greatly appreciated.

Mary Kelleher, Book Scheme Co-ordinator