Code of Conduct



Special attention is drawn to the need for courtesy in the classrooms, corridors, and on school buses, and the use of bad language is not acceptable.  It is understood, too, that outside of school the student will behave in a manner which will not bring himself/herself, their family or the school into disrepute.  It is understood that students and staff will behave at all times in a courteous manner towards each other.


In life this behaviour may take many forms, ie physical, psychological, etc.  it will include anti-social acts such as assault and intimidation.  Basically it can be seen as a desire to hurt another person and can sometimes occur in the context of teasing and exclusion.  We wish to protect our students and we would encourage parents/guardians to be always alert to the possibility of a child being bullied or being the actual bully.  Students are required to behave towards others as they themselves would wish to be treated.


As required by law, the school has a Safety Statement.  There is full responsibility by students to abide by the safety procedures which are laid down in the different departments of the school.  In this regard, it is assumed that the student will act in a rational and reasonable manner with due regard to his/her own safety and that of other students.  On payment of the Levy, every student is included in the Student Personal Accident Scheme.


It is understood that attendance at this College implies the acceptance of the above rules.  The health of the school community requires the full commitment to the rules by students, parents and staff.  All parents/guardians of students attending Scariff Community College are requested to sign an acceptance of the regulations of the College.


The School will not be responsible for any student’s property which is lost or stolen.  Therefore, great care regarding belongings should be exercised by students at all times.  It would be advisable to mark items of clothing so that they can be easily identified.  Students are reminded that stealing is contrary to the law and is an anti-social behaviour and may involve instant suspension with the possibility of expulsion.  Students are required to treat all school property, ie walls, furniture, equipment, grounds, etc with the greatest respect.  Any breakage should be reported immediately by the person responsible.  The student’s parents/guardians are required to make good any damage done.  Litter is created by students and consequently it can only be eliminated by them.  Adequate litter bins are provided and students are expected to use them.  Students are expected to show concern for the litter situation created by them outside the school walls.  No eating and/or drinking is allowed in corridors.  No chewing gum is allowed.


If, for any reason, a student is late arriving to school (morning or after lunch) he/she is to go to the Main Office to sign in, giving reason for being late.  Lateness for class during the day will not be tolerated.  Under no circumstances is a student permitted to leave the school during school hours without permission of Principal or Deputy Principal. He/she must be signed out in person by parent/guardian at the Main Office.


On returning to school after being absent, a letter from the parent/guardian explaining the cause of absence must be given to the Form Teacher.  Absence from class does not in any way free the student from his/her homework responsibility.  It is in everybody’s interest that parents/guardians are consistent in supporting this requirement.  Where absence is likely to be prolonged, parents/guardians are asked to write to the relevant Form Teacher outlining the situation.


Students are expected to comply with the study/homework demands of the relevant teachers.  Failure to co-operate fully will incur sanctions such as detention and consistent non-co-operation will merit suspension.


Students must present in full school uniform. Students who do not comply with the above may not be allowed into class.  Parents can be a major factor in determining the quality of dress and are asked to ensure that the student complies with the dress code requirement – a code which may be reviewed from time to time by the Board of Management.


Students are reminded that smoking is most injurious to the health of the smoker and anybody else in the vicinity.  It is, of course, against the law of the State to smoke on the school grounds or on the school buses and severe financial penalties may be imposed by the State for any violation.  In addition, we require that a student does not smoke in the environment of the school.  The College authorities reserve the right to suspend a student who does not respect this requirement.


Appropriate sanctions are outlined in the school's Code of Behaviour and Disciplinary Policy.  This code has been endorsed at a Board of Management Meeting of the College and by the LCETB Committee, and is subject to periodical review and change.

The complete School Code of Behaviour and Disciplinary Policy is available on request from the School Office.

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