Easter message for Parents

04th April 2020

These past three weeks, we have worked hard to support the learning and wellbeing of students while out of the school environment and moved all teaching and learning to our approved platform MS Office 365 & Teams.

We acknowledge the great work of our teachers who are also working from home during this difficult period and thank them for all they do for our students.

We express our sincere thanks to parents and guardians for your on-going support. It is not easy to put structures in place to support your child’s learning and we really appreciate all your efforts.

As a staff, we have been actively monitoring student engagement and level of work. We have also communicated directly with all students who have additional needs and/or their families. Please be reassured that the purpose of these communications, whether text or phone call, is one of support for you as your child’s primary educator.

Many of you have not had direct contact from either of us – please take that as a positive sign that your child is engaging well. However, please check with him/her that all assignments for all subjects have been submitted. Please speak to students about the importance of working on all subjects consistently and remind them that they have the next two weeks to catch up if required. After Easter, we will notify parents if students have any outstanding assignments.

While it can be hard to motivate some, other may be spending too much time at school work. If you are concerned in this regard, please let us know.  It is difficult for us to gauge how much time work takes students when they are on their own. Students may find it useful to keep a log of work in their school journals so that they can plan to do it over a few days – just like they would if in school.

A few things to note which may be useful for you: Most school book publishers have made text books available free on their websites as ebooks. Also, we have shared a number of useful video clips on Teams (in each year group team) how students can use their phone or laptop to easily submit work etc. Where there is a problem with internet speed, the phone app MS Office Lens is really useful as a photo of work can be sent directly to Teams – to a specific team or teacher.

For the Easter period, teachers and students have been advised to take a break from distance learning. Students in all year groups have been asked to use this time to catch up on any outstanding work/assignments. As per our usual practice at this time, Third & Sixth year students also have a revision plan/outline from each teacher.

This is a particularly difficult time for exam students – especially Leaving Certificate students. Further guidance will issue in the coming weeks from the State Examinations Commission based on advice from health officials. However, we continue to prepare students for the state examinations and must proceed as ‘normal’ -  as soon as we have any updates, we will inform you.

Both of us, Principal and Deputy Principal, will continue to stay active on Teams over the Easter period. Students can contact us directly via the chat function or via email. Also, please advise your son/daughter to keep notifications switched-on for their respective year group Team over the Easter. Notices will of course be kept to a minimum due to the break. However, where we have any important updates or information to share with a year group, that information will be posted to the relevant channel in MSTeams.

Unfortunately, there is a higher possibility than usual, that students, parents or staff may be affected by illness in the coming weeks, so please contact us in the event that there is information which we and/or our teachers should be aware of. We also respectively encourage anyone who becomes ill to seek medical advice.

If you have any questions or concerns over the Easter break, please don’t hesitate to contact either of us via email.

Once again, thank you all for your support. We hope that you and your families stay safe and well and have a lovely Easter.

Kindest regards,

Angela Murphy McNamara, Principal angela.mcnamara@lcetb.ie                                       

Angela Russell, Deputy Principal angela.russell@lcetb.ie