School Levy

I would like to convey to parents our collective appreciation for the ongoing support for the school levy.  This is a contribution we ask from parents each year which helps us to allay some of the costs which are not covered by our annual budget.  The Department of Education and Skills does not contribute to any aspect of the non-class activities of the school.  Consequently, we have to find financial resources elsewhere and we do manage a little from sponsorship, LCETB grants, GAA grants and, of course, from parents.  Anything at all that students may be involved in attracts financial support from the levy.  The following items and events have been helped during the past school year and is typical of how the money is spent:

  • Student accident insurance – 24/7 cover is paid in full for every student from the levy
  • Subsidise bus travel involving students, ie education tours, matches, etc
  • Subsidise co-curricular activities
  • Subsidise purchase of materials used in extra-curricular/hobby type areas
  • Contribution towards visiting speakers on topics of importance to students, eg health education, substance use, careers, etc
  • Entry fees for sporting and athletic competitions
  • Upkeep of grounds
  • Printing and postage of school correspondance
  • Photocopying of class material for students, ie paper and printing
  • Cost of student school journal

As you can see the levy plays a very extensive part in the life of the College and I am confident that you will give it your fullest support.

Payment can be made on-line at way2pay.


School Levy

€80 for a single student

€120 for family