School Philosophy and Mission Statement

It is our policy to view the development of the student in the widest possible sense, seeking to provide a learning experience both of a formal and informal nature which will lead to the development of the total personality of the student. Through a broad curriculum we seek to facilitate the development of our students, so that each may leave the College equipped with good life skills.

We are conscious that the traditional interpretation of what constitutes an intelligent human being has often been too narrow and has sometimes been interpreted in strictly cognitive terms, ignoring other critical elements of intelligent human behaviour whether of a social, emotional, psychomotor, moral or physical nature. In providing a balanced curriculum, we aim to redress that traditional shortcoming. The development, therefore, of a knowledgeable, analytical, confident, articulate student who has a good moral sense, a well developed internal discipline, a positive and proactive social awareness, tolerant of difference, courteous and empathetic, is the essential core of what we pursue. That is our mission.

There is a definite consciousness that such development cannot take place in isolation from either the parents or the wider community. Consequently, it is part of the philosophy of our school to work in intimate harmony with both agencies, nurturing and being nurtured in the process.

Our school motto is Beart do reir ár mbriathar : Action according to our word

It is our objective to be a caring school in the pursuit of excellence.