Leaving Certificate Examinations 2022

For your info – please read:

  • Timetable available at EN-EX-70835628.pdf ( Make sure you are clear on start times and dates of exams and look at this with a parent/guardian at home.
  • There will be no access to school buildings for study etc. during the State Examinations. You need to have transport/ collections etc arranged carefully.
  • Know your exam number – you won’t be writing your name or school name on an exam script.
  • Full and proper uniform to be worn for the duration of the State Exams.
  • Day 1 you need to be in the Exam Centre at least 30 minutes before the exam. There will be a notice on each exam centre door with the names of students for that particular centre – this year the main LC centres will be in Room 10,11 & 15.
  • On all other days you should be there 15 minutes before exam starts. Latecomers will not be allowed into the exam centre once 30 minutes has elapsed.
  • The Supervisor will assign you a seat and you must always follow their instruction.
  • Equipment – Make sure you have all the correct equipment organised well in advance – borrowing of equipment is not allowed. Have plenty pens, pencils, ruler etc. NB Maths – you will need a scientific calculator and maths set. Log tables will be supplied – you do not bring your own into exam hall.
  • Mobile Phones and smart watches are not allowed. There will be a clock in every exam centre.
  • Toilet breaks are at the discretion of the Supervisor, and these should be kept to a minimum to minimize disruption to others in the exam centre. You quietly put raise your hand to gain the attention of the supervisor ask for permission to use the bathroom – they will need to note this on your exam script.
  • Students should remain in the exam centre for the full duration of the exam. Leaving early causes disruption to others in the centre. No candidate will be allowed leave a centre during final 30mins. You have studied these subjects for the past number of years – Give yourself every opportunity to do as well as you can.
  • Be very careful with the presentation of your work – neat hand writing , basic grammar rules capital letters, punctuation and use of paragraphs where relevant. Outside examiners will correct your work they may not be familiar with your own style of handwriting etc so be very attentive to this.
  • This year many of your subjects are being scanned for the correction process – pencil should only be used for drawings or where a teacher has advised, as it may not scan properly. All work needs to be contained within the margins on the pages and there are pages at the end of all your answer booklets where you need extra space to finish an answer. Just be careful to label this work properly so that the examiner knows what it relates to.
  • Remember to attempt all questions – don’t leave blanks if a question is particularly challenging it is possibly very challenging for everyone, so you need to use the information that you have to give it your best shot.
  • No food is allowed in the exam hall and water is at the discretion of the supervisor.
  • No talking or communication with other students – any breach of exam regulations will be taken very seriously.
  • Remember that Ms Russell, Ms Kenneally and I will be in the school during exams – -do not hesitate to contact them if you need anything during the exams.
  • Normal school rules apply – you need to be polite and courteous as you always are – do your best in all your exams and when you have one exam done just focus on the next one.
  • Please be aware that the SEC can cancel a candidate’s examinations in the case of a breach of rules. For full version of State Examinations Code of Conduct during exams, please see
  • School buses will operate morning and evening – at times so as to have students in school in time for morning exam and will leave once last exam of the day is over.
  • For the 2022 Leaving Certificate, it has been announced that a second sitting of the Leaving Certificate will be provided with access strictly limited to students unable to sit one or more papers in the main sitting in June on grounds of serious medical reasons and due to close family bereavement. For the 2022 examinations candidates with Covid-19 or with symptoms of Covid-19, will also have access to a deferred sitting of the examinations. If you are going to miss an exam, you must contact me at the very earliest opportunity. Do not delay. Quickest way to reach me is via teams. Very best of luck to everyone !

Official candidate guide: In advance of the commencement of the 2022 Leaving Certificate examinations on Wednesday 8th June please find at link EN-EX-8101747.pdf ( the Leaving Certificate Candidate Information Guide 2022. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with further information about the 2022 Leaving Certificate.

This Candidate Information Guide provides important information about what you should expect during the examinations. Information is also provided about the examinations marking process; when and how you will receive your results; and some preliminary details about the stages that follow after the issue of the results – including the information that will be provided to you about your examination results; the viewing of marked examination script; and the Appeals processes that you will have access to.
A further guide to the results and the post-results stages will be provided at the time of issue of the results noting that the results are expected to issue through the Candidate Self Service Portal.