Career assessments – Fifth years

Fifth year students have the option of doing an additional online Career Assessment, called RightCareers4Me. It assesses their Values, Interests, Personality, Skills and Aptitudes and connects student’s top 5 career areas to a comprehensive list of suitable 3rd level courses. It enables students to filter their CAO courses for next year. Unfortunately, it doesn’t recommend Apprenticeships or PLC courses. The assessment will take place during the school day and takes approximately 2 hours and usually over 2 sessions, in the computer room. Once completed the comprehensive digital career report will be emailed to Ms. Byrt and a printed copy is given to the student. A Sample report and accompanying student presentation has been uploaded to Teams so it can be viewed there if you wish. 
The cost per assessment is €54 but the school will subsidise this to reduce the cost to €35, for any interested students. 
If you would like to avail of this, please ask the student to let Ms. Byrt know by Monday Jan. 30th. or ring the school office or email
Invoices will be then be issued to those interested via Way2pay with payment due by Tuesday 7th Feb.
Thank you, Ms. A. Byrt, Guidance Counsellor