Information for academic year 2023/2024

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please read the following information regarding the next academic year.

School calendar: Students will return on a phased basis – please click on Calendar 23_24 for return dates.

School Uniform: All students are expected to present in full school uniform. We respectfully ask for parental support in ensuring same.

SCC jacket -Students are not allowed wear other non-uniform jackets/outerwear over their uniform while in school or on school grounds. Supplier: All Seasons sport Tel 086 3872928; email: Cost of school jacket €50. Fitting session date tbc – will be communicated via text message in the near future.

SCC half-zip top – Supplier up to now was O’Neills. However, they have discontinued this item. We are currently looking into other possible suppliers. (Please note that the O’Neills brand half-zip is still acceptable as part of our uniform.) The SCC half-zip can be worn as part of the daily/normal school uniform. It can be worn in addition to, or instead of, the wine school jumper. This addition to our uniform has being phased-in for the past two years. It will be compulsory for first & second year students for 2023/24. These year groups will need it for PE and extra-curricular purposes. First year and Second year students will also require the SCC t-shirt for PE. However, all students of any year group are welcome to purchase and/or wear these items. Supplier: tbc. More info to follow once online store is available.
We are looking at organising a fitting session for jacket and half-zip – date tbc & will be communicated via text message in the near future.

Wine school jumper with crest. Supplier: Fine Rags, Killaloe or Corbett’s, Tulla
Navy school trousers or Navy full-length school skirt (Please note denims, leggings/jeggings or tracksuit bottoms etc. not allowed). Supplier: Fine Rags, Killaloe or Corbett’s, Tulla.
White shirt or polo shirt.
Dark-coloured footwear/trainers.

Uniform – Physical Education/extra-curricular activities: All students in all year groups are required to wear t-shirt, dark-coloured (navy or black) sportswear bottoms and suitable footwear for PE. First year and Second year students will need SCC half-zip top and SCC t-shirt for PE and for other extra and co-curricular activities.

Please ensure that all uniform items are labelled/clearly marked with student name.
Details on the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance available from HSE, Sandfield Centre, Ennis or or lo-call 1890 20 23 25.

School day: Students are expected to be in by 8.50am with classes starting at 9am. Break time 10.20-10.35am; lunch time 1.15-1.55pm. Classes end at 3.55pm Mon-Thurs and at 1.15pm on Fridays.

Supervision of students: For your information, please note the following regarding supervision of students. Morning supervision of students: Students will be supervised from 8.45a.m. as per the allocation provided under the Supervision & Substitution scheme of the Department of Education and Skills. Students at school before that time will be given access to the school building but will not be supervised. Please take note that no responsibility is accepted by the school for pupils who arrive before 8.45a.m. or for students who having arrived on campus, absent themselves again. Classes begin at 9am. Supervision at break and lunch times: Students are supervised during the morning and lunch breaks. After-school: When school finishes (Mondays-Thursdays at 3.55p.m. or at 1.15pm Fridays) students should leave the campus in a timely fashion, unless they are involved in an extra-curricular activity, co-curricular activity, supervised study or extra classes. Students who remain on the campus some evenings waiting to be collected are not supervised. Students involved in an after-school activity or extra-curricular or co-curricular activity should be collected promptly after the activities conclude.

Access to school building: All visitors must report to main office which is just inside the main entrance of the school building. Other entrances are for students and staff only. For drop-off and collection of students, please use the visitors’ carpark only (area to right at top of hill). The students’ entrance is adjacent to this area. Please note that the staff carpark (area in front of main entrance) is strictly for staff use only or for anyone attending appointments in the school.

Contact details: It is imperative that the school has access to parents/guardians in an emergency situation. (Please ensure that you provide a number at which you are contactable during the day. In some cases where parents’ mobiles are off while at work, parents should leave a work number also and it will be only used in an emergency.) Where you foresee that there could be an issue reaching a parent/guardian, please leave a number of another nominated adult who can be contacted in the case of being unable to make contact with parent/guardian.

Mobile phone use: Students are not allowed to use mobile phones at any time during the school day between 9am and 3.55pm (or 1.15pm on Fridays). Any phones seen or heard will be confiscated. Any student who needs to contact home during the school day must report to the office and a call will be made from there. Students may be given permission to use phones in class on occasion for Teaching & Learning purposes. However, there is no requirement for any student to have a phone. If access to technology is required, access to a laptop or PC will be provided.

Canteen facilities: Our canteen is managed by ‘The School Food Company’. Canteen reopening tbc.
SCC learning platform Microsoft Office 365:

All Scariff Community College students have school email addresses ( and have MS Office 365 accounts provided by LCETB. By using MS Office 365 & One Drive, students can access their saved work remotely – so from home, they can easily access and continue on work done in school and vice versa. This platform has also allowed us to offer online tuition to students during school closures due to Covid19 or weather alerts.

Log on details will be sent to parents/guardians of new incoming students in the near future. NB The student password is confidential to your son/daughter and must be kept securely. Please note that communication between parents/guardians and school staff should be via the school office via phonecall or email. The Teams direct chat message facility is for student/teacher communication only.

NB Please ensure your son/daughter uses this facility exclusively for school work. It is not a chat facility and it is monitored.

Any device can be used to access this facility. Laptop or pc gives greatest functionality but Office 365 can be used on all devices. Teams app can also be downloaded on to phone or tablet. Account can be logged into and notifications set up on multiple devices if required. It is highly recommend to set up notifications on phone app.

Using Microsoft Office 365

Go to
Click on Office 365 (top right hand corner)
Enter username eg.
(the first number in example above refers to the year of entry to SCC)
Enter password
Click on app (number of apps available eg One Drive, Teams etc)

FAO: Incoming first years: You will need the following:
Strong school bag (large enough to take A4 size books)
Pencil case with pens, pencils, eraser, ruler
A pack of standard size copies.
P.E. gear and runners and bag (not required on first day)

First years – for your first day, present in full uniform and you will only need to bring one copy and a pen, a snack and water. You will be given your student homework journal on that day. Really looking forward to meeting you all ! Each teacher will also tell you of any other items you will need for his/her subject when you start. You will be given your textbooks by your teachers during the course of the first few days. On your first day, you will also be given a copy of your timetable and your allocated subjects.

FAO: All other year groups:
Second, Third & Sixth years can continue on in any unused copies and folders from last year – your notes from previous years are important to keep so it makes sense especially for notes copies that you use the same. TY & Fifth years will be advised by each subject teacher as to the relevant requirements for each subject on return.

A reminder that all in the school community are respectfully asked to use reusable drinks bottles where possible.

SCC on-line: Keep an eye on our school website or follow us on facebook or on twitter. Our website has lots of information for you and your child – including a ‘Welcome to our school’ video and also an information board/padlet with really valuable resources to help you support your child with the transition to post-primary Welcome 1st Years (

Payments for academic year 23/24: Please see below info re: monies payable. Bills will issue via text message in the next few days.

For your convenience, all payments can be made on-line on ‘Way2pay’. This facility allows payment in full or in instalments and gives you up-to-date balance on your account etc. You can also print your receipts as you make payments. You will receive a link by SMS in the near future once bills are live on system. In the interest of security and H&S, we are operating a ‘cashless’ policy – so if at all possible, please use the online system. However, if this poses a difficulty for you, please contact our school secretary who will be able to advise you.

Student Levy – Individual student €80 / Two students €140 / Three students or more €160. This levy is to cover 24 hour Personal accident insurance and student diary and subsidises cost of photocopying, of extra- & co- curricular activities, of text messaging service and other school costs etc.

Book Rental – First Year €120 / Second Year €60 / Fifth Year €150. Other year groups no book rental fee.

Mock exams & State exams (3rd & 6th year only): Third Year €30 / Sixth Year €120 – payable by end of Jan 2024. Please note that the Mock exams are compulsory and form an integral part of our assessment practices. Leaving cert mocks are corrected by external correctors so as to acquire objective, independent evaluation and feedback. This fee is not due until January 2024 – however, it is posted now so as to allow the option to pay now or to pay in instalments. NB Up to recent years, the State Examinations Commission would charge a fee for sitting the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert exams. If this is reintroduced, medical card holders will be able to apply for waiver of same. Further info from SEC will issue in Spring 2024. (Please note that there is no waiver for Mock Exam fees.)

Lockers – €20 per year. Only padlocks provided by the school can be used. Monies collected for rental of lockers will be used for maintenance of lockers and padlocks and also other student facilities.

Wishing you and your family a lovely summer and look forward to seeing students, both current and incoming, in the new academic year,

Angela Murphy McNamara (Principal) & Angela Russell (Deputy Principal)