Out-of-school subjects & learners – LC2021

For students who are studying a subject outside of school, please watch the following video clip which provides a useful summary of the doc below re: SEC Accredited Grades for Out-of-school subjects and learners. Out-of-School Subjects and Learners – YouTube

This is the full guide document: A Guide to Accredited Grades for Out-of-School Subjects and Learners_fi.._

So what do you need to do now if you are in this category??:

Step 1: Any student who is studying an additional subject for exams and/or SEC Accredited Grades must indicate this in writing and send to You will receive acknowledgment on receipt of same.

Step 2: For those opting for Accredited Grades, the following form also must be completed and returned to the school no later than 15th April 2021 : LC2021 Initial information form Out of school subjects Accredited Grades