Scariff Community College Celebrates the LGBTI+ Community 

Students and Staff at Scariff Community College are recognising and celebrating the LGBTI+ community by participating in a national campaign run by BeLonGTo Youth Services.
As part of Stand Up Awareness Week (November 15th-19th) Scariff CC has been carrying out activities and events to create an supportive environment where LGBTI+ young people feel safe to be who they are. Through this important campaign, Scariff CC are showing solidarity with LGBTI+ young people to ensure they feel seen, heard, and safe. Events include; raising of the LGBTI+ Rainbow Flag, a Baking Competition and a Wear the Rainbow Day.
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Ms Byrt presenting Iria Reche Lozano with second prize in the Baking competition

Ella O Shaughnessy’s winning entry