Second Year PT meeting – Thurs 19th Jan 2023

Our Second Year Parent-Teacher meeting is scheduled for Thursday 19th January 2023. This will be an ‘in-person’ meeting but with the option of online attendance available if preferred and once arranged in advance.

Whether attending in-person or online, Parents/Guardians of Second Year students must register in advance by logging on to the PTMO system (Parent Teacher Meeting Organiser) PTMO. This portal will close at 2pm on Tuesday 17/01
Once the portal closes for registration, the system will generate a schedule of appointments. Appointments will be between 4.15pm – 6.45pm – each appointment is a slot of 5 mins.
Please note this is PT meeting is APPOINTMENT ONLY. Parents/guardians who turn up without registering, will not be able to meet teachers. If you have any difficulty registering, please ring the school office at 061-921083 before the portal closes and we will be happy to help you.

In order to log in to PTMO you need the following information:
School Roll Number: 70900i
Student VSWARE ID: You should receive this ID number via vsware sms message.
For PTMO Parent/Guardian Login – Click on this link: Parent Guardian Login
Once you have logged on to PTMO, the system will guide you through inputting your preferences for meeting your son/daughter’s teachers. Each meeting with a teacher is limited to 5 minutes maximum. It will not be possible for teachers with large classes or multiple classes to meet every parent/guardian.
It is essential that you select your appointments in order of preference. If you enter preference 1 for all of the subjects, the system will randomly choose the order for you so there is no advantage in doing this. Leaving preference at 0 will mean you will not be assigned a slot for that teacher.
The PTMO system is open now until 2pm Tuesday 17th January 2023 for input of parent/guardian. Please note that you will not be able to request appointment/slots at or opt to attend PT meeting after this time.
If you cannot attend Parent-Teacher meeting, please either log on as above and click on unable to attend or alternatively, please ring the office or email

Schedules will be generated once parent login portal has closed on Tuesday afternoon – and once finalised, you will be advised by Scariff Community College to log back into your PTMO account and view your meeting schedule. Hard copy of schedule will also be sent home with students.
You will be contacted later in the week to indicate if you will attend in-person or wish to be facilitated online. (Any online meetings will be conducted using your son’s/daughter’s MSTeams account. Further advice will follow in this regard as applicable.) Thank you.