Sixth Year Academic Monitoring & Student Voice

In November, every Leaving Certificate student had a meeting with Ms. Purcell (Year Head) and I to review their progress since returning to school in September and specifically their November Assessment results. Students were encouraged to reflect upon their own learning in the previous term, identifying areas of strength and areas for potential improvement. The approach was holistic in nature, with reflection also on sleeping routines, healthy eating, exercise and general health in addition to academic progress.

As part of the School Improvement Plan in Scariff Community College, reflective practice has been identified as a means of delivering improved student outcomes and experiences. Reflective Practice involves the reflecting on one’s actions and experiences so as to engage in a process of continuous learning.

As Deputy Principal I look forward to this opportunity every year to meet our sixth year students. This year I was so impressed with our wonderful young people who participated in these meetings in an honest, realistic and insightful manner. Their strength of character, determination and resilience is to be applauded. What role models for our junior students!

Angela Russell (Deputy Principal)