THEY SAY by Emily Chen


You must stop deforestation 

“Nature is heaven on Earth” 

You are wrong 

When will you realise 

Everything has a price 

I believe 

The monumental advancement made in this lifetime is worth the cost 

You are wrong to assume that 

Lie and turn a blind eye to the reality                                          

We are your gods, your fate, your destiny, you cannot  

Live without our help 

Without us paving the path you walk on, creating and sustaining life how can you 

Exist how can you survive  

If we cannot 

Boost the economy 

Bathe in opulence  

Garner fame 

Acquire status  

Prosper and thrive 

To achieve the unachievable 

Why does it matter  

When you can have these things 

They are wrong 

“The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity” 

That is the truth whether you like it or not 

Humanity has achieved the unprecedented because of us 

They are the ones that are right 

“There won’t be a future if you continue” 

They say 

“Deforestation and pollution is a major issue ” 

They say 

“Corporations like you are killing us” 

They say 

They do not know any better 

Other than what they have been taught  

Their hypocrisy and incorrigible ways kill me 

They act all magnanimous and omniscient 

Call me a cynic but 

Their sycophantic nature 

It sickens me 

But what about us 

“Humanity is the priority” 

As it should be and always has been 

For we are the original 

We are the beginning of all things extraordinary 

We have developed society to what it is today 

The roots upon which innovation grows  

We bear the fruits of our labour that are too often taken for granted 

The myriad of branches for corporations to strive upon and blossom 

We have sculpted the world from our ancestors, our blood 

To become the Utopia it is today 

They should thank us 

The feeling of unbeatable success                                 

Felt when surrounded by humanity drowns out               

The suffocating presence 

Of vast unexplored landscapes 

These woodlands  

Full of unknown species yet to be discovered 

Entire ecosystems yet to be explored 

Are meant to be cut down and used for industrial revolution 

Who’s to say we 

Are wrong  



(Now read from bottom to top) 


By Emily Chen 

Winner of the Edna O Brien Creative Writing Competition SCC @2022