Healthy Eating Policy

Scariff Community College Lifestyle and Healthy Eating Policy


·      To create a school environment that is sympathetic to the mental and physical health and wellbeing of the student


The educational mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the student and to support initiatives within the wider community that promote and maintain healthy lifestyle habits.



·       To improve the health of students, staff and their families by empowering people to improve their lifestyle habits. This will be accomplished by increasing the awareness of lifestyle issues, and by improving access to healthy lifestyle choices.

·       To ensure students are well nourished at school, and that every pupil has access to safe, tasty and nutritious food, along with a safe, accessible water supply throughout the school day.

·       To raise levels of concentration within class due to consumption of healthy food.

·       To ensure that the school canteen sells products which contribute to health.

·       To make the provision and consumption of food an enjoyable and safe experience.

·       To encourage students to be aware, alert and responsive to litter problems caused by junk food, pre-packed food, juice cartons etc. ( by using reusable containers and cutlery, minimise wrappers etc.)

·       To develop, support and implement strategies to increase participation in physical activities within the school.

·       To support the development of a broad range of physical activities that are available for all students. This will include sport as well as the facilitation of non-competitive physical activities.

·       To introduce and promote practices within the school to reinforce these aims and to remove or discourage practices that negate them.