Scariff Community school offers students the outstanding opportunity to develop their Computer skills in an environment perfectly suited to learning with technology 

Join students and professionals worldwide who report passing their certification after using GMetrix. Prepare for certification and improve your computer skills using our wide selection of online courses and industry-leading practice exams. GMetrics is an effective, enjoyable and independent way to improve your I.T skills.

GMetrix is vital in the preparation for the Microsoft certification. The format and content both are extremely helpful in giving the student an overview of the actual exam. Practice exams and tutorials allows students to improve at a pace they are comfortable with. It challenges students in a smart and effective way and we have found in Scariff Community School that students love the subject and find it very rewarding.

We use the GMetrix platform for several reasons. It is absolutely customer friendly and user friendly. It engages with students developing their skills in Word,Excel and Powerpoint and most of all students leave the room more confident.