Parents’ Association

Parents Association

Parents’ Association is defined as a group of parents/guardians working in partnership with all stakeholders to enhance the educational development and educational opportunities of their children. All parents and guardians of children attending the school are members of the Parents’ Association. 
The Parents’ Association Committee members for 2022/2023 are as follows:

Eamonn Hurley (Chairperson)
Karen Foley (Secretary)
Leslie Ryan Hurley (Treasurer)
Franci Corbett (Committee member)
Noreen Clifton Brown (Committee member)
Anita Ryan (Parent Representative on Board of Management)
Liam Wiley (Parent Representative on Board of Management)

SCC Uniform Reuse Scheme

The Parents’ Association are delighted to announce a Uniform Reuse Scheme. Please drop off any unwanted, clean, wearable uniform items to reception by Monday 24th October 2022. This includes SCC jumpers, half zips, skirts, trousers, polo shirts and SCC jackets. Please only drop off uniform items that are in good condition and that you would be happy for your own child to wear. It is planned to have a number of appeals throughout the year and to distribute uniform items for FREE to where they are needed ahead of the Halloween break and at the end of each school year. Not only will this be a great way for parents to help each other but it is also good for the environment.
Thank you for your support!