English Overview  
Our staff members are passionate about English language and literature, and share this passion with their students. We encourage our students to read widely, and to broaden and deepen their experience of literature. We organise theatre visits, visits from authors and poets, and make use of our excellent local Library.

Mary Kelliher, Olwin Kelly, Shulagh Colleran, Anna Moroney and Kollette O Driscoll.

The English Department at Scariff Community College focuses on exposing students to a wide range of texts, both literary and non-literary. This encompasses classic, modern and digital literacy. Students are provided with the tools to be able to plan, draft, re-draft, edit and reflect upon their own writing. Through scaffolded exercises and the sharing of success criteria, our teachers coach our students in the skills to write in a variety of genre.

At Scariff Community College we place a strong emphasis on literacy and our students are engaged in the Renaissance Accelerated Reader programme. By focusing on the improvement of students’ literacy, we aim for the students’ experience in the classroom to be enriched both academically and personally.

Junior Cycle English  
The curriculum aims to develop students’ knowledge of language and literature, to consolidate and deepen their literacy skills and make them more self-aware as learners.
The Junior Cycle English curriculum focuses on eight key skills:
Being creative
Being literate
Being numerate
Managing information and thinking
Managing myself
Staying well
Working with others

Junior Cycle English is offered at two levels, Higher and Ordinary and the final assessment will reflect this.

The strands of Junior Cycle English are Oral Language, Reading, and Writing.  The elements of these strands are:
Communicating as a listener, speaker, reader and writer
Exploring and using language
Understanding the content and structure of language.

Over the three years of the Junior cycle, students will have many opportunities to enjoy and learn English across the strands. They will read widely; they will talk and discuss; they will write for a variety of purposes and audiences.
CBA (Classroom-Based Assessments)  :
At the end of second year, students will complete their CBA 1, an oral assessment task. Before Christmas of third year, students will submit their CBA 2, a collection of their own texts. This gives them the opportunity to showcase their best work. The descriptors for these CBA tasks are awarded on the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement.
Assessment of Junior Cycle English
The Assessment Task is 10% of the Junior Cycle English grade and is completed over two class periods in a week determined by the SEC. The remaining 90% of the grade is determined by the final examination in June of third year.