Teachers : Shane Hayes, Joe White, Sean McNamara, Geraldine O’Brien, Noreen Meaghar, Marie Lynch

Brief overview of the subject:

The Mathematics department of Scariff Community College have a strong commitment towards enabling every student to reach their full potential in terms of achievement in the subject.

The aim of our department is to enable our students to:

·       enjoy mathematics and develop a love and interest in the world of numbers

·       become confident and competent mathematics students

·       develop their use of mathematics as a tool for solving problems

·       become logical and articulate thinkers

·       become familiar with mathematics terminology and be able to use it in a clear and precise manner

·       achieve excellent results in their mathematics examinations and reach their full potential


Junior Cycle Mathematics

The first-year program is designed to give pupils a basic grounding in mathematics in preparation for the Junior Certificate.

Students study:

·       Introduction to basic Number Theory

·       Review of fractions & decimals from primary syllabus

·       Introduction to Coordinate Geometry methods

·       Introduction to Algebra and algebraic problems

·       Applied Arithmetic

·       Graph reading (and ties to Junior Cycle Science of same)

·       Statistics and interpretation of Statistics

·       Geometry


The second- & third-year syllabus aims to provide for an enhanced student learning experience and greater levels of achievement for all. Much greater emphasis is placed on student understanding of mathematical concepts, with increased use of real-world contexts and applications that will enable students to relate mathematics to everyday experience.

The mathematics specification at Junior Cycle contains the following strands:

·       Number

·       Geometry and Trigonometry

·       Algebra and Functions

·       Probability and Statistics

·       Unifying Strand

CBA and Junior Cycle Exam:

Junior Cycle Mathematics will be examined for the first time in June 2021.

There are two Classroom-Based Assessments (CBAs) in Mathematics in the Junior Cycle. The first of these takes place in second year which is a Mathematical Investigation and the second one occurs in third year which is based on a Statistical Investigation.

The topics of both investigations are real-world applicable questions/investigations posed by the individual student and guided in-class by the teacher, resulting in an entirely personal and unique mathematical experience for each student based on their chosen topic of interest.

Following the second CBA, the student will complete an Assessment Task relating to the learning outcomes of the Statistical Investigation. The Assessment Task is a written task completed by students during class time.


Textbooks for Current cohort for Relevant Year groups:

1st Year: Texts & Tests 1, Paul Cooke, O. D. Morris, Deborah Crean

2nd /3rd Year: Texts & Tests 2, Paul Cooke, O. D. Morris, Deborah Crean

(Separate books for Ordinary/Higher level)

Other required material:

·       Scientific Calculator (Casio model)

·       Formula tables book

·       Mathematical set/Drawing set
Career opportunities:

A solid foundation of mathematics is not only useful in virtually any career path, but the problem-solving skills developed and improved upon in a study of maths is priceless in virtually all walks of life.


‘Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas’ -Albert Einstein


‘Mathematics is the key and door to the Sciences’ – Galileo Galilei

Events held through the year: Maths Week