Brief overview of the subject:

Leaving Certificate English invites students into rich experiences with language so that they become fluent and thoughtful users of it and more aware of its significance in their lives. It develops a range of literacy and oral skills in a variety of areas, personal, social, and cultural. Students develop a wide range of skills and concepts. These will allow them to interpret and enjoy a range of material so that they become independent learners who can operate independently in the world beyond the school.

Leaving Certificate English is assessed at two levels, Ordinary and Higher level.


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Department Members:

Shulagh Colleran

Mary Kelleher

Olwin Kelly

Kollette O’Driscoll

Anna Moroney

Textbooks for Current cohort  for Relevant Year groups:

The list of prescribed texts for senior cycle students refers to specific texts in the case of novels, drama and film from which students should study.

Useful Websites and Online Resources: